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Crema de Vinagre a la Mora 250 ml. 3.70 €

Price: 3.70 €

Blackberry vinegar cream, sweet and sour dressings for cooking and dressing salads

This Blackberry vinegar cream is an ideal dressing to combine with salads, its bittersweet taste reminds of a balsamic vinegar. Its fruit pulp content is at least 20% of the recipe, which gives a taste and unique aromas to all the dishes we want to season. Another idea of ??pairing this vinegar cream is to combine it with cheese spread like cream cheese, Brie, or blue. And they can also be used to marinate meat and fish. flavor cocktails, etc. Our creams are gluten free, contain no fats, or any animal products, so they are suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans. Nor does it contain flavors or artificial colors added. Because of its powerful flavor it is only necessary to use a small amount to dress and enjoy exquisite dishes. In addition, its creaminess helps them adhere well to the vegetables in a salad, ensuring that the dressing does not go to the bottom of the plate.



Presentation: 250 ml

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Producer: Ramos y Guevara, S.L.

627 738 723
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