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Cheeses produced in Tenerife are mainly distinguished by the use of goat’s milk taken from the unique Caprina Canaria group, although some of the island’s cheese is produced using a mixture of cow’s and/or sheep’s milk.

The craft cheeses are made with raw or pasteurised goat’s milk are perhaps among the best known. They should preferably be consumed when fresh. They have a strong goat’s milk flavour and aroma, slightly acidic, salty and very moist.

There are also mass manufactured cheeses made on the island using an enzymatic coagulation process and pressed, uncooked paste. Most cheeses are fresh, young (8-20 days), semi-cured (20-60 days) and cured (>60 days).

Tenerife’s gastronomic tradition has it that cheese is a basic element of a person’s diet, occupying a major place at most mealtimes. It is also used in a variety of ways as a basic ingredient or accompaniment to traditional dishes, such as stews or toasted cereals.

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